Summit of the Existent World

| 20+ | SHE/HER | ESP/ENG/FR | ❀ |

As of now, I have one main project I'm currently working on.

I will truly appreciate it if you would check them out and any kind of feedback is very much appreciated as well!


This is an original story, with characters made by me.

Its plot centres around a middle school student named Yui, who against her will, ends up becoming a magical girl.

However, not everything is fun and games as mysterious disappearances have begun to occur which turns a light-hearted beginning into a grim fantasy.

It also involves deep worldbuilding and lore.

❥ Mariya

❥ She/Her (aux. they/them)


❥ Writer/Artist/YouTaite

❥ Lima, Peru

❥ July 16th (Sign: Cancer)

❥ Biromantic Asexual


❥ Audiovisuals Major

❥ Please, don't call me by the nickname "Mari".

What you should know before following me:

❥ I RT a lot, especially if it involves my OT3s/OTPs

❥ My grammar is mostly British English orientated since I was taught that at school.

❥ I tend to draw and talk a lot about my Fanfics, original stories and OCs

❥ Please if I ever say something that made you feel uncomfortable or bad without being aware, tell me so I can apologize as soon as possible and to learn to don't make that same mistake again!

❥ I Tweet a lot about what I cook.

I'm pointing these out so you won't have any unpleasant experiences if you see anything you dislike.


❥ You are against the LGBT+ community.

❥ You support racism/sexism/pedophilia.

❥ Justify terror and subversive acts.

❥ You either directly or indirectly encourage terror.

❥ You know me IRL and I haven't given you my @.

❥ If you post or RT art without crediting the artist, or if you believe crediting the artist is not important.

❥ You Art Trace and claim it as your own.